Did you know?  The Utah record trout was caught at Strawberry in 1930 and weighed 26.5 pounds?  The state record kokanee salmon was also caught at Strawberry in 1995, weighing in at 6 pounds!

 Famous for its abundance of large aggressive rainbow trout -- Strawberry reservoir has been Utah's favorite "fishing hole" for more than 60 years. Today fishing at Strawberry has never been more exciting. With the 1990 introduction of the Bear Lake Cut-throat, Kokanee Salmon, and sterile Rainbows, anglers are routinely catching three to six pound fish with larger ones tipping the scales at fifteen pounds and still growing. For many, battling the big fish at Strawberry is the ultimate fishing experience.

When winter arrives on the scene, the excitement doesn't stop. The "Greatest Snow on Earth" becomes the blanket for the best open country and groomed trail snowmobiling in Utah. And what about the fish? Well, the big ones are still around, waiting to be pulled up through the ice.


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